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[Weekly Event]Best Titan ScreenShot.

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[Weekly Event]Best Titan ScreenShot.

Post  _Devil_ on Thu Dec 01, 2011 10:54 pm

Post ur best ScreenShot and u will get chance to Win Smile

1st: 11D Nova Weapon +5 ~ 11 Zerk Scroll ~ 11GLobal ~ 11 Revers scroll .
2nd:11D Nova Weapon +3 5 Zerk Scroll ~ 11GLobal ~ 11 Revers scroll .
3rd: 11D Nova Weapon +0 ~ 3 Zerk Scroll ~ 11GLobal ~ 11 Revers scroll .
1: all photo editor are allowed.
2: Screen must be from TitanSro server only.
3: u must be the owner of the photo.
4: Each Player are allowed to post 1 photo.
5:any one try to cheat will get kick from event .

each week we will choose 3 winners Smile and this event will never stop Razz .

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