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TitanSro Hero`s Of Alexndria event.

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TitanSro Hero`s Of Alexndria event.

Post  _Devil_ on Wed Nov 30, 2011 10:22 am

this event will take some time but prize are good Smile
1st:500silk + Advanced Elixir Grade (B) + Legendary Hero title. 60sec of Zerk
2nd:250silk + Advanced Elixir Grade (A) + Lord of Chaos title. 35 sec of Zerk
3rd:150silk+ Hero . 25 sec of Zerk

i think this cool Smile
Event start 1/Dec/2011 End 1/Jan/2012 > 1 month.
Register will be open From 1/Dec/2011 to 10/Dec/2011

how to join event?
post ur character name and lvl and Build & screen to make Fair Fight`s
in new topic with Hero Event at this forum
Before register get close.

1: each player can join with only 1 account / character .
2:no bad words at event or u will kick from event.
3: if u miss ur match Team u will be lose.
4:Zerk not allowed at event.
5:each match will be from 3 round`s if u lose 2 round that mean u lost this match.
6:Game Master will be The ruler if u miss anything he say or insult u will get kicked from event.
7:each day will be 10 Match. and who miss his match cant play again.
8: players that didn't register name`s here not allowed to play event.

*the event will made in special area .and will be only 3 player in the pvp area (Player 1 & Player2 & Game Master (The Ruler) ).

* Each match will have 3 Rounds
1st round is normal pvp.

2nd round will be Player 1 & Player 2 VS unique and who kill the unique will be the winner.

3rd round Only if Player 1 win round and player 2 win round it will be Race Match u will know it in event.

*When Player win his Match he Go to the next round tell he get the Final Round.
*i`ll make calculator always and save the winner name`s .
* will be 10 Match Every day.
*Game master will choose each player who will play match and post Calendar for all fight`s.


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